OUR team

Our close-knit and experienced team is the basis of our success. Our background is diverse, just like our client base, and we enjoy taking our work home and vice versa. After all, it’s our ultimate hobby.

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Meet the team of De Dierenkliniek

Our diverse team with years of experience in veterinary medicine is the basis of our success. A team with a passion for pets. Together, we have lots of them: 13 dogs, 23 cats, 4 rabbits, 2 horses, 5 guinea pigs, 30 fish, 1 turtle and 1 chicken. Every day, there are a few of them to be found at one of our clinics!

who’s who

Babette Ravensbergen

Babette Ravensbergen Veterinarian

Caitlyn Immerzeel

Caitlyn Immerzeel Nurse

Celine Esser Nurse

Cindy Reijne

Cindy Reijne Veterinarian

Demi Dryer

Demi Dreijer Nurse

Elsje Peletier

Elsje Peletier Veterinarian en Owner

Eran Raz Veterinarian

Femke Jansen

Femke Jansen Veterinarian

Fleur Visser

Fleur Visser Business Manager and Nurse

Kikker The Boss

Lindsay Brands Nurse

Liselotte Verhoeven Veterinarian

Loes de Nies Veterinarian

Lotte Gunter Nurse

Maaike de Jong Veterinarian

Mariana Gomes

Mariana Gomes Veterinarian

Marieke Drieling

Marieke Drieling Nurse

Mascha Bergs

Mascha Bergs Nurse

Michelle de Nieuwe Nurse

Miriam Dieperink

Miriam Dieperink Veterinarian

Nicole van den Dolder

Nicole van den Dolder Nurse

Nirita Brand

Nirita Brand Veterinarian

Patrick Meijer Veterinarian

Shyenne Ummels Nurse


Anne Reijne Veterinarian


Merel Velkers Nurse


Iris Bootsman Nurse


Pascalle Jager Nurse