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Miriam Dieperink

My name is Miriam Dieperink and I have been working as a veterinarian at De Dierenkliniek since May 2021. At the beginning of 2021 I also spent a few months here as a co-assistant and I liked the clinic so much that I immediately said “yes” when I was asked to stay. It is a clinic with lots of opportunities, a super nice team and very nice involved owners!

As a little girl I already knew I wanted to become a veterinarian. After 3 rejections for the Veterinary Medicine I started studying Veterinary Medicine in Antwerp. A year later I was fortunately admitted to start in Utrecht. In 2021 I graduated as a veterinarian at the University of Utrecht. Fortunately, I actually enjoy the profession as much as I had hoped! It is the ideal combination of cuddling animals all day, finding out what exactly is going on (you can’t ask them…) and the contact and communication with pet owners. My main interests are internal- and feline medicine and ultrasound.

During my studies I gained experience as a nurse at a pet clinic in Amsterdam and at an emergency clinic in Nieuwegein. In my short career I have seen many strange objects coming out of a dog (e.g. earpod, wedding ring, pin cushion, Lego cube, Frisbee, spacecake, rope, pantyhose, sock etc…), so if I may give anyone with a faithful four-legged friend in the house one tip: watch your stuff!

In addition to my Dutch nationality, I also carry a Norwegian and speak the language fluently.

Hope to see you in the consulting room soon!