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Elsje Peletier

Who doesn’t want to be a veterinarian?!

Of course I wanted to, just like a lot of other little kids. At that time, of course, I didn’t realise exactly what it meant. I had a romantic picture in my head where all the animals got better, everyone came in crying and left laughing. I can tell you, that image is true (often). My specialties are in the areas of orthopaedics and surgery.

I have the best job in the world! The variation in the work, doing my best to be very good, lots of different animals and owners, right in the middle of Amsterdam and close my home in Heemstede… We cure lots of animals, get so many of nice reactions, have a great time with our team and work together daily to make the clinic better and better. With better care for pets and sincere commitment to its owners. And we are succeeding! Come and meet us soon…