• Dental month: book an appointment for a free dental check-up!

    Dental month: book an appointment for a free dental check-up!

    February = Dental Month It’s almost February again: Dental Month! Did you know that 4 in 5 dogs and cats over three years old suffer from dental problems? Not only is this very painful, but it can also lead to problems in other organ systems. As an owner, sometimes it is hard to spot any […]

  • Refer a Friend Campaign – Kattenkliniek Sarphatipark

    Refer a Friend Campaign – Kattenkliniek Sarphatipark

    Join the Refer a Friend Campaign and receive 50% off your next consultation! What’s better than the feeling you get from helping a friend out? How about that same feeling – plus treating yourself to a complimentary gift too? That’s what will happen every time you refer one of your friends to us and they […]

  • Grand Opening Kattenkliniek Sarphatipark

    Grand Opening Kattenkliniek Sarphatipark

    Friday, November 3rd, is the opening party of Kattenkliniek Sarphatipark! Kattenkliniek Sarphatipark has officially opened its doors and that needs to be celebrated! Will you come and visit us?

  • OPENING SOON: Kattenkliniek Sarphatipark

    OPENING SOON: Kattenkliniek Sarphatipark

    A unique concept in the heart of Amsterdam! We have great news: we are busy building our third clinic, a clinic exclusively for cats. The big dream of Elsje Peletier is coming true! Cat Clinic Sarphatipark will open its doors in August at a beautiful location in De Pijp. Sign up here to be kept […]

  • Save now on the costs for your pet food

    Save now on the costs for your pet food

    We understand better than anyone that having a pet can be quite expensive. We do our utmost best to provide the ultimate care for you and your pet, while at the same time keeping the costs for you as limited as possible. Fortunately, our partners also think alike: download the Hill’s Advantage App now and […]

  • DIY – Cat toys

    DIY – Cat toys

    What could be nicer than seeing your cat happy and content? A very important part of this is allowing them to express their natural behaviour. This can include playing, scratching and chasing. Here you will find some fun cat toys to make yourself back that can help your cat with this! The scratching board Cats […]

  • A day with Fissa

    A day with Fissa

    “Hi all, I am Fissa, a very sweet Vizsla female of over 1.5 years old. A few months ago I was in heat for the first time, what a bizarre experience that was! My owner put pants on me, like I sometimes see on you little human beings. I didn’t like it, and kept trying […]

  • Laparoscopic surgery

    Laparoscopic surgery

    Laparoscopic surgery at a high level Our vets Babette Ravensbergen and Elsje Peletier recently went on a course to learn how to operate laparoscopically even better. In these “keyhole” operations, you operate by inserting a camera through a small hole in the abdominal wall and, depending on the procedure, you make one or more further […]

  • Cat friendly clinic gold – 8 years in a row

    Cat friendly clinic gold – 8 years in a row

    We have once again achieved the gold certificate for Cat Friendly Clinic! Our cat advocates Following the guidelines of the Cat Friendly Clinic – Golden Status, we have appointed a so-called ‘Cat Advocate’. The Cat Advocate is the person who oversees compliance with the Cat Friendly standards and is the point of contact within the […]

  • Allergies in your dog or cat during autumn

    Allergies in your dog or cat during autumn

    Dogs or cats with seasonal allergies It’s almost autumn: the leaves are falling from the tree, the fireplace is lit and… my pet is allergic! It certainly could be. If you notice that your dog or cat has recurring symptoms during certain seasons (spring, summer and early autumn), it is quite possible that he or […]