Dental month: book an appointment for a free dental check-up!


February = Dental Month

It’s almost February again: Dental Month!

Did you know that 4 in 5 dogs and cats over three years old suffer from dental problems? Not only is this very painful, but it can also lead to problems in other organ systems. As an owner, sometimes it is hard to spot any issues. This is because dogs and cats are masters at hiding pain in their mouths.


During the month of February, you can book an appointment for a free dental check-up! If you then schedule an appointment for dental treatment, you will receive a 10% discount on the entire treatment plus. We also give a 10% discount on all dental products during the month of February, including food, toothpaste and other dental care products.

Contact us to make an appointment. You can only make an appointment by phone. Be there on time since there are limited spots available.

* The discount offer does not apply to Happy Pet Health Plan subscribers

Dental care

Want to know more about dental care for dogs and cats? Or would you like to know how dental treatment works? Read more about it on our website.

Hope to see you soon at the clinic!