The vet at the TV show KASSA BNNVARA

For those who have not seen it: on 16 May 2022, there was an item about the cost of the vet on Kassa – BNNVARA. “The price of animal love: expensive vet sometimes unaffordable”. Good that attention is paid to this topic. However, the situation was perhaps somewhat one-sidedly highlighted in our eyes. We would like to explain this below.

Our aim is to provide optimal care for all companion animals, but always in consultation with the owner. We will never leave owners with unwanted (financial) surprises. Together, we look for a solution to make an intervention feasible. For example, larger procedures can be paid for in instalments and our clients with a city pass can use the ADAM scheme.

We believe everyone has the right to a pet. Both mentally, physically and socially, we think it is an enrichment to everyone’s life. But we also agree with Frank Wassenberg that people should be well aware of what they are getting into. After all, an animal is entitled to a dignified life with proper care, love and attention. If you have any doubts about a pet, you can always contact us. We will be happy to give you objective information on what the impact could be for you.

Good care costs money. We can’t change that either. However, we can be transparent about this and not pass on unnecessary costs to our customers. There are also many differences in the quality of care between veterinary practices. This is sometimes not clear. We try to provide optimal care that suits today’s possibilities, but even more important is the consultation with you, the owner.

We are therefore deliberately not part of a chain, which gives us more control over the goals we set ourselves, pursuing what we find important ourselves and limiting overheads. And last but not least: doing our work with a big smile, because that is the most important thing for us!

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