Laparoscopic surgery


Laparoscopic surgery at a high level

Our vets Babette Ravensbergen and Elsje Peletier recently went on a course to learn how to operate laparoscopically even better. In these “keyhole” operations, you operate by inserting a camera through a small hole in the abdominal wall and, depending on the procedure, you make one or more further small holes for your instruments. Because you can enlarge the image from your camera, it is possible to create much more of an overview and therefore work more accurately. The animals then suffer less damage and recover better as a result.

In recent years, we have already sterilised many female dogs laparoscopically at our clinics. Especially in larger dogs (>10kg), this allows for a faster procedure, proven less pain after surgery and less risk of complications, but you can do much more with this technique! This course last week was mainly about refining our technique and applying it to multiple operations, such as removing bladder stones, removing foreign bodies in the stomach, looking into joints and about spaying females through just 1 small hole of over 1cm!

Our new laparoscopic tower with endless possibilities has just been delivered so from now on we can help your animals even better! Do you have any questions, or want to consult about your pet? Please contact us.

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