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Hello dear readers,

Here speaks the director of De Dierenkliniek A.K.A. Kikker, which means frog in English. Perhaps not the best name for a director I hear you thinking. Ah well. Unfortunately, we cats don’t have much say in this. Neither do you humans, for that matter. And besides, “What’s in a name?

Since 2016, I have officially been living at Dierenkliniek Vondelpark. After my heroic attempt to catch a mosquito (one of those nice big ones, you know) while balancing on the balcony railing, I fell down and partially paralysed my hindquarters. Ouch, that hurt! I could no longer walk, had little control over my stool and urine, but the people here did their best and after a lot of care, physiotherapy, good food and hard work, I am now doing very well. I only walk a bit stiffly. Meanwhile, they hired me, I have responsibility for the day-to-day running of the business and have been promoted to head of Customer Loyalty.

I am not always an easy boss for my employees. But neither are they to me, mind you. They say it’s good for me not to eat too much. Then I would be able to walk better with my crippled back. Tsss… as if they know what that feels like. Anyway, if I want to eat I really do let them hear me. And if they don’t lift me onto their laps fast enough when they are working, I just pull myself up by putting my nails in their legs. And if nobody really pays attention to me, I’ll go and find my own friends outside or, if the weather is bad, I’ll just stretch out on the counter. There are always nice people there who are in for a stroke. It is not my problem if I sometimes get in the way. You see: life is not so bad at Dierenkliniek Vondelpark.

As director of such a busy practice, I experience a lot. Not one day is the same, you always come across surprises and sometimes you experience the craziest things. There are also difficult moments, but fortunately the many nice and beautiful ones dominate.

Catch you later!