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Kelly de Klerk

Who doesn’t want to work with animal?!! My choice at least was made pretty quickly: the green school and then on to Barneveld to study for veterinary technician. I graduated in 2010, after which I immediately went into practice.

After a year at a pet clinic in Lelystad I ended up at Medisch Centrum voor Dieren in the emergency department, here as an inexperienced young nurse I was allowed to develop myself in the field of emergency, IC admission and diverse range of veterinary medicine. With great pleasure I worked here for 6 years. After a fine time at an animal clinic in Zandvoort, I found my way to De Dierenkliniek in 2016! You will find me most often at the Dierenkliniek Vondelpark with occasional trips to our location in Heemstede.

What makes my profession the most fun: everything! The animals, their owners, the variety, the fantastic team I get to work with. No day is the same! Also, I continuously develop myself and apply that directly in practice. My interests lie mostly in emergency, surgery and anesthaesia. In 2022, I completed the advanced training in anesthaesia which makes me a senior anesthesia nurse.

In practice, you will probably encounter me most often when I just stumble down the stairs or bump my head. No one is as clumsy as I am and everyone knows exactly when I’m in the building! I also like to sing along loudly with Disney songs and actually prefer to leave tick removal to a colleague, brrr….

What I remember most is that one owner treated the entire team to treats because he felt guilty that when his dog was emptying anal glands, he squirted this all over me and laughed in dismay (myself included, by the way).

In addition to work, I am also a mom of a baby son and live with my partner and our dog Jade.